Vysocina Regional Library in Havlíckuv Brod (Czech Republic)

The Vysocina Regional Library in Havlíckuv Brod opened in 2020. It is an elaborate building, during the implementation of which emphasis was placed on high utility value, quality of materials and ecology. It is a comprehensive work that will enrich the unused public space of the town and provide a […]

oodi helsinki public city library exterior view

What is Oodi?

Helsinki Central Library Oodi is a living meeting place at Kansalaistori square, right at the heart of Helsinki. It is one of 37 branches of Helsinki City Library and part of the Helmet library network. Oodi complements the cultural and media hub formed by Helsinki Music Centre, Finlandia Hall, Sanoma […]


Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg

The National Library of Luxembourg (Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg, BnL) is the country’s leading academic, research and cultural heritage library. It collects, catalogues and preserves all analogue and digital publications published in Luxembourg and any works published abroad that relate to the Grand Duchy. As an academic and research library, […]


The Sir Duncan Rice Library, Aberdeen

Located in the north-east of Scotland, The University of Aberdeen was established in 1495 and its library holds over a million books including significant special collections.  The 15,500 m² spectacular new Sir Duncan Rice Library designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen officially opened in 2012 and provides an advanced 21st century […]

Outside view - Luxembourg Learning Centre

Luxembourg Learning Centre

Luxembourg 2018 The University Library opened the new Luxembourg Learning Centre (LLC) in September 2018 after 12 years of planning. It is a modern library, fit for the years to come with enough space for the growing number of students, including collaborative spaces, and with a modern and flexible technology […]

Faculty Library Engineering Architecture Ghent University interior design

Ghent Faculty Library of Engineering and Architecture

Ghent 2011 At the Department of Engineering and Architecture an existing physics laboratory from the 19th century was remodeled to a faculty library. Steel elements were inserted under the balustrade on all sides to contain three levels of bookshelves and stairs. In the center of the room there are reading […]

Joan Maragall Library Barcelona exterior view

Joan Maragall Library

Barcelona, 2014. “(…) The approach of the competition, won with the motto “Garden of Light” defined clearly the will to preserve the historical garden located around the Vil·la Florida, wich has been working for years as a Civic Cener, while digging out the earth to build below ground level a […]

UB Marburg Westfluegel und Atrium

Marburg University Library

Marburg, 2018. In the heart of the Philipps-Universität, a modern new library was opened in April 2018, housing 46 km of shelved books from the central library plus several branch libraries in the humanities and social sciences. The elegant three-storey building offers 1250 seats for users and is situated between […]

RCSI Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Dublin library building architecture design interior view

RCSI Library

Dublin, 2017. In July 2017 RCSI opened a state of the art ten storey health sciences education building. At the heart of the building is the RCSI Library occupying three floors, levels zero to two, with advanced clinical and surgical simulation facilities above, and a five hundred-seat auditorium and sports […]

De Krook Gent library building architecture design exterior view

De Krook Library

Ghent, 2017. In 2009 an architectural competition was organised for a public place with lots of space for reading, learning and living in the city. In this digital era, a city library’s role has changed. In a society which offers an abundance of information, there is a need to help […]

Archives Bordeaux archive building architecture design interior view

Archives de Bordeaux Métropole

Bordeaux, 2015. The project is situated on the right bank of the River Garonne, which is traditionally cut off from the city centre, but currently part of a large-scale urban planning project.The new wing and the renovated hall, defines the dimensions of the forecourt, ensuring it remains open. This public […]

Biblioteca Montserrat Abello Barcelona library building architecture design interior view

Montserrat Abelló Library

Barcelona, 2018 The project aspired, as a public library, to be a center of access to information, to guarantee the democratization of culture and knowledge, to be a center of social integration, promotion of reading, longlife-learning, self-learning and, at the same time, a leisure space. But it aspired to do […]

Universitätsbibliothek Freiburg Albert-Ludwigs-Universität university library building architecture design exterior view

Freiburg University Library

Freiburg, 2015. The number of study spaces available was to be vastly increased, and a much more diversified and differentiated study and research environment planned. Quiet study spaces in the reading rooms and the access to the open stacks on the one hand were to be kept strictly separate from […]

Headington Library Oxford Brookes University library building architecture design exterior view

Headington Library

Oxford, 2014. The library in the university’s new award-winning John Henry Brookes building opened in February 2014. Library team wanted to create a new experience for our users by providing a library that would be an inspirational space for study, learning and research, provide easy access to information resources, both […]

Cregan Library St Patrick's Campus DCU Dublin City University building architecture design interior view

Cregan Library

Dublin, 2015 The old library was no longer fit for purpose. There was an insufficient number of seats, no space for Special Collections and not enough shelving. The main objectives for the new space was to provide a stand alone library building. Library moved from a one floor space to […]

Bibliothèque interuniversitaire Sorbonne library building architecture design interior view

Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne

Paris, 2013 The starting point for the renovation of the 1902 buiding by Henri-Paul Nénot was the need for security and hygienic conditions, as well as the upgrading of the installations (electricity, plumbing). Access to disabled people would be solved. An ambitious restoration operation was undertaken, that woul also allow […]

ULB Universitäts Landesbibliothek Darmstadt library building architecture design exterior view

ULB Stadtmitte

Darmstadt, 2012 The new library is located in the center of the inner city campus – between the cafeteria and the old main building of the Technical University of Darmstadt. It is therefore easily accessible for university users. Main aims and objectives of the project were installation of the relevant […]

František Bartoš Regional Library Zlín building architecture design interior view

František Bartoš Regional Library

Zlín, 2013 The library was renovated to get more space, more holdings in open stacks, more readers´ places including group study, individual study rooms and places with computers. Ther was also an extension of the opening hours to the public, self-service possibility, concentration of the whole library stock under one […]

Vienna University Economics Business library building architecture design exterior view

WU Library

Vienna University of Economics and Business, 2013 The center of the WU is both physically and symbolically a library and learning center, which should be more than a classic library: It is also a library and service center, workplace and lounge, communication space and transport hub. Central functions of the […]

vilnius university library building architecture design exterior view

SCIC, Scholarly Communication and Information Centre

Vilnius, 2013 The SCIC is a modern and advanced centre of knowledge and information, providing information resources, services and programmes of high quality and wide-ranging variety, with inspiring and motivating physical and virtual environment for users. The SCIC library needed a modern infrastructure of information and communication, which would help […]

Haus Tista Murk ZHAW Hochschulbibliothek Winterthur library building architecture design interior view

Haus Tista Murk

Winterthur, 2015. Main aims of the project were to close the five old small library locations in Winterthur, provide new services for the students and the scientists, extend the number of reader seats, workplaces and group rooms, and create a learning landscape with an activity-based conception of more than 1700 […]

SVK HK Research Library in Hradec Králové building architecture design interior view

Research library

Hradec Králové, 2008 The main aims of the new project was to build a modern environment with new technologies and more space for educational and cultural events. See it here!