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  • The Library Buildings in Europe website records  examples of good and interesting library buildings throughout Europe; it is a benchmarking tool for all those involved in new or refurbished library building projects including librarians, architects or any other professionals.

    The aim is to inspire and support anyone working on a library building project – a new building, an extension, a renovation, or a reworking of interior spaces. The wide variety of case studies will enable those involved in such projects to pick up on new trends, to share knowledge and experience, and to learn from, and make contact with, each other.

    Members of the LIBER Architecture Group (LIBER LAG) are delighted to offer this project as a tool to stimulate innovative ideas and new approaches to transforming the library model in the 21st century.

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  • Joan Maragall Library Barcelona exterior view
    Ariel Ramírez , BCQ arquitectura barcelona

    Joan Maragall Library

    Barcelona, 2014.

    (…) The approach of the competition, won with the motto “Garden of Light” defined clearly the will to preserve the historical garden located around the Vil·la Florida, wich has been working for years as a Civic Cener, while digging out the earth to build below ground level a library that recieves light through courtyards.

    The result is a half-buried building, wich faces the city streets by opaque walls, recovering the idea of the old wall of the estate, and a  bright interior, simultaneously warm and abstract, capturing its light by repeaing courtyards along the main façade. The honey comb clay (Termoarcilla) blocks placed in dry on the interior walls offer a material wich is natural, earthy and traditional, that dialogues with the abstraction of floors and ceilings in radical white. It is a place to be and to meet oneself. (…)

    (Vicente Guallart, Chief Architect of Barcelona)

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