František Bartoš Regional Library Zlín building architecture design interior view
, City Work s.r.o.
Library Details
Basic Information
Regional library, Public library
Year of opening
Total Cost
36,000,000 EUR
University / Institution
Zlín Region
Vavrečkova 7040
76001 Zlín
Project Story
Main Motications and Objectives

The library was renovated to get more space, more holdings in open stacks, more readers´ places including group study, individual study rooms and places with computers. Ther was also an extension of the opening hours to the public, self-service possibility, concentration of the whole library stock under one roof – no detached stores and better facilities for public, like a library café.


The building is part of the former Bata shoe company factory premises whose eastern part becomes a new vivid urban area (bus and railway station, main post office etc.).

The building was built in 1947 as one of the two twin buildings. Both “twins” are fully renovated and converted, in the first of them (building no. 14) resides museum (Museum of Southeastern Moravia in Zlin) and gallery (Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlin), in the second (building no. 15) resides library. Buildings are linked together by a newly built one-floor height walkable space called platform which houses library closed stacks. Building has a rectangular platform, reinforced concrete skeleton, facade – a concrete frame plastered with roughcast with red brick lining and subtle steel windows. Size of the basic construction module of the skeleton is 6.15 × 6.15 m (20 × 20 ft) and platform of the building is formed to a modular grid (3 × 15 basic modules). Building is fully accessible for disabled.

  • VŠETEČKA, Petr, ed. Jiří Voženílek: Budovy č. 14 a 15 ve Zlíně – dědictví industriální éry = Jiří Voženílek: Building nos. 14 and 15 in Zlín – a heritage of the industrial era. Zlín: Zlínský kraj, 2013. 127 s. ISBN 978-80-87833-03-2

    English translation: “Jiří Voženílek: Building nos. 14 and 15 in Zlín – a heritage of the industrial era”. Book about the buildings, original project, it’s architect Jiří Voženílek and conversion of the buildings for museum, gallery of fine arts and library.

New Project Data
Yes / 2009
  • A.D.N.S. PRODUCTION s.r.o.
  • City Work s.r.o.

Total Floor Area
2,185 m2
Floor Area Open to Public
Shelving Capacity Open Stacks
3,824 linear meters
Shelving Capacity Closed Stacks
3,556 linear meters
Number of Staff
46 FTE
Total Seating Capacity
Group Study Rooms
Individual Study Rooms

Additional Features
Special Rooms
Special Features
Additional Comments

295.200 documents in 2012