Hochschule Fulda University Applied Sciences library building architecture interior view
, Hochschule Fulda
Library Details
Basic Information
University library
Year of opening
Total Cost
14,674,000 EUR
University / Institution
University of Applied Sciences
Leipziger Straße 123
36037 Fulda
Project Story
Main Motications and Objectives

By creating central work and study places the University & State Library (HLB) created conditions that are considered essential for a sustainable success and meaningfulness of a long-term disputed integration of the two libraries. Information opportunities and quality of information can only then meet the requirements of currently discussed and required strategic concepts.
The constant development of HLB as a modern, multi-media library, information and knowledge management system, as a competence centre for all questions concerning the information and media literacy, media provisioning and brokerage, information searches and placement using modern technology – takes place for the benefit of the university and the region. Thus making legitimate the construction of the University & State Library as the only academic library and Fulda University as the largest educational institution for Fulda and its region in the radius of 100 km.
The library capacity distributed over two locations has been exhausted for many years, a further development is possible in the sufficiently sized new integrated library.


Emerged from a design competition from 2009, the university and state library is a part of a conglomerate of existing buildings. The university claimed the unused barracks in immediate vicinity and uses it according to its original purpose for administrative tasks. The library is one of three newly added elements and together with the two other new buildings gives the central campus a new identity. Seen from urban planning viewpoint, the newly formed square connects the current and new buildings, creating sightlines and path relations in the public space. Resting on the square, the library acts as an intermediary of the campus: The height difference of the ground is skilfully overcome with a natural stone staircase thus forming a conclusion for the ensemble of the cafeteria, library and student service centre.

The library building has three floors. The entrance is oriented consistently to the newly generated centre and is fitted with wood-based composite panels. Thus, the entrance contrasts with the limestone facade and is easy to read for students and visitors. Similarly, the roof terrace is marked with wood-based composite panels and is recognizable from afar.
The interior of the building is clearly structured as a library and makes the orientation for students and visitors easy: An atrium with a central staircase connects all floors with one another. Daylight penetrates through the skylights into the atrium. Plenty of white in combination with wood radiate the necessary calmness for reading and learning. A reading cafe on the 2nd floor with an adjoining rooftop terrace provides space for both communication and relaxation.
By its external and internal aesthetics the building conveys what such a building should be able to – provide a space for science and contemplation.

  • Architecture day 2014

New Project Data
New building
Yes / 2009

Total Floor Area
1,281 m2
Floor Area Open to Public
Shelving Capacity Open Stacks
4,183 linear meters
Shelving Capacity Closed Stacks
1,136 linear meters
Number of Staff
33 FTE
Total Seating Capacity
Group Study Rooms
Individual Study Rooms

Additional Features
Special Rooms
Special Features
Additional Comments

Capacity data from year 2012.