La Ginesta Begues library building architecture design exterior view
Pol Viladoms , Calderon Folch Studio / Ignasi Arbeloa
Library Details
Basic Information
Public library
Year of opening
Total Cost
5,533,000 EUR
University / Institution
Plaça de l'U d'Octubre de 2017, 1
08859 Begues
Project Story
Main Motications and Objectives

Begues, a small municipality located in Garraf Natural Park, near Barcelona, required a library, a community centre and a multipurpose theatre. The design process crystallized a chain of synergies among organizations, administrations, technicians, citizens and the place itself. The library aspired to be the main center of local information, which would guarantee the democratization of culture and knowledge, to be a center of social integration, promotion of reading, lifelong learning and self-learning and, at the same time, a leisure space. From an architectural point of view, two main ideas underpin the conception of the new facility: to generate a confluence “inner square” and to tune into the environment revitalizing the neighboring stream.


A three-in-one cultural facility that emphasises the landscape values of the site. A unified design is required for a building with three different purposes: a theatre for 350 audients, a 1.260m2 public library and a community centre with a great amount of different activities and services. The site, with a rather triangular shape, is a shore of the stream meander with a big old oak tree to be preserved than will name the Centre. Fully integrated into its surroundings, the center revalues a natural space with the landscape recovery of the Riera Fonda stream.

New Project Data
New building
Yes / 2009

Total Floor Area
1,268 m2
Floor Area Open to Public
1,149 m2
Shelving Capacity Open Stacks
700 linear meters
Shelving Capacity Closed Stacks
100 linear meters
Number of Staff
Total Seating Capacity
Group Study Rooms
Individual Study Rooms

Additional Features
Special Rooms

Computer rooom for trainig, with 9 stations

Special Features

“A” Energy Efficiency Certificate: very low energy impact.

Additional Comments

The library is integrated in El Roure cultural and civic center