UB Marburg Westfluegel und Atrium
Horst Fenchel , Bildarchiv Foto Marburg
Library Details
Basic Information
University library
Year of opening
Total Cost
110,000,000 EUR
University / Institution
Philipps-Universität Marburg
Deutschhausstraße 9
35043 Marburg
Project Story
Main Motications and Objectives

The old library building from 1967 could no longer statisfy the needs of a modern library services. So a complete new building at a new location in the heart of Marburg was built, including not only the holdings of the “old” university library but also of several Branch Libraries in the humanities and social sciences.


The new library building at Philipps-Universität Marburg was opened for the public in April 2018. It is situated in the center of the newly created university campus and the modern architecture of the building stages the town-planning peculiarities of the historical university town in a special way. Spatial concept and library concept were closely adjusted to each other. Thereby, the library should not only be the spatial center of the campus, but play a central role as a learning and communication point in order to support study, teaching and research at Philipps-Universität Marburg.

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New Project Data
New building

Total Floor Area
18,000 m2
Floor Area Open to Public
14,300 m2
Shelving Capacity Open Stacks
48,000 linear meters
Shelving Capacity Closed Stacks
46,000 linear meters
Number of Staff
100 FTE
Total Seating Capacity
Group Study Rooms
Individual Study Rooms

Late, Night, Weekend
Additional Features
Special Rooms

lecture room
lounge areas
special study rooms for visually impaired users
exhibition space
large atrium

Special Features

self-check-in / out
barrier free accessibility
book sorter
book transportation system
rental of mobile video and audio technology equipment
integration of a historical hospital building which is used as office building for the library staff

Additional Comments